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-After applying Ceramic Coating we recommend Bi-weekly washes with Glidecoat Nano Wash or Glidecoat Ceraglo. Avoid using high pH soaps such as Dawn dish soap, or soaps that contain heavy cleaners of degreasers. These soaps won’t harm the coating after a few uses, but continual use of aggressive soaps and cleaners will expediate the wear of the top layer of coating.

-Avoid using stiff bristled brushes

or abrasive washing tools

-Use a microfiber mitt or soft bristled

brush when washing. 

-Don't let the surface air dry, this will cause water spots on the ceramic coating. Over time water spots can etch into the coating and become difficult to remove.

-If there are areas that you cannot access to dry we recommend using a stream of water(not a spray nozzle) down the sides  to remove contaminants  while not leaving excess water that could cause water spots. 


-Avoid driving through car washes.

Automatic car washes use abrasive brushes that can scratch the surface and damage the protective layer of the coating.

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