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 Boating Season is Here!

Services We Offer 

Shrink Wrapping

Ceramic Coating

Mold Removal 

Caulk Removal & Install

Maintenance Washes

Yacht Maintenance/ Repair

Decal Removal, Design, & Install

Fiber Glass Corrections

Compounding & Wax

Wet Sanding

Bottom Painting

Teak Finishing & Restore

Prices starting at $80 per  hour. 

Marine Detailing
Marine Detailing
Marine Detailing

HULL MAXX a revolutionary superior, clear, environmentally friendly, foul-release product that replaces heavy, ablative, polluting bottom paint and provides improved vessel performance.

  • This environmentally friendly coating replaces heavy, ablative, leaching bottom paints which contain heavy metals and toxins which poison our oceans and waterways.

  • Our foul-release coating is easily applied over gel coat and as a clear coating, it allows the underlying color of the gel coat or paint to shine through.

  • Hull Maxx decreases or eliminates the need for regular bottom cleaning.

  • Any environmental growth or contaminates can easily be brushed or wiped away.

  • Increased vessel performance and fuel savings due to the hydrophobic nature of the coating.

  • Damaged areas can be easily recoated.

  • Easily removed without damaging the gel coat with our Performance Stripper and light pressure washing–no stripping, scraping or grinding required.

Our Detailers are certified and ready to take on your vessel!

$200 /ft

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