We will be using Eco-Friendly products like                   Synthetic acid


in lieu of “On and Off” Hull cleaner to do our part protecting the Bay.

Most of our clients are switching over from waxes to Polymer & Pro Ceramics
because of the many benefits Polymer/Pro Ceramics offer that a normal wax does not.
All of our offered coatings are best maintained with our monthly or bi-weekly subscription program. Maintenance washes will vary depending on your choice of coating. 


QUICK SERVICE DETAIL Wash with 2-in-1 Compound Wax (Quick Shine Coat) 

This is your detailing service for a quick clean up and shine. The “I have family coming in town next week, I just need it looking good” or the “I am not looking for anything crazy, just clean it up.” service. This includes a one step 2-in-1 wax and compound only on flat fiberglass surfaces, and is applied with a rotary buffer, combined with a basic wash and interior clean. This takes half the time of a traditional wax and compound, as the compound is combined with the wax in one formula and will last on average a few months. This service also includes a wipe down of all glass/isinglass/plexiglass with our marine glass cleaner, and a wipedown of all the metals, as well as a spray, wipe-down, and vacuum of compartments, excluding the bilge, exterior gas tank, and engine. This takes significantly less time than our full detail packages. 

All of the listed services below are Full Service Details

Cleaning of all compartments, metals, fiberglass, non-skid, glass, Isinglass, plastics, engine/battery compartment, cabin, etc.

The only differences between these full detail services are the coatings put on the various surfaces of your vessel.These coatings are best maintained with our monthly or bi-monthly subscription program. Maintenance washes will vary depending on your choice of coating.

Also Included in the Full Service Detail

Thorough wash, cleaning the entire interior, exterior, and compartments top to bottom, as well as the engine bay, bilge compartment, and wiping down all metals with heavy-cutting compound to remove most rust and to restore shine. In addition, any carpets will be shampooed and extracted.

(Wet Sanding is not included in these services and will be priced separately per project.)

This is your comprehensive full detail cleaning. This paste wax coating will last on average a few months if correctly maintained, and is applied by rotary buffer. This will provide a more durable protection against anything like fish blood, bird droppings, salt, dirt, or tough leaf staining only on flat fiberglass surfaces of the boat. This service includes everything as stated with the 2-1 service, but with a much more thorough attention to detail.


FULL SERVICE DETAIL Wash with Compound and Paste Wax - Two Step Coat


FULL SERVICE DETAIL Wash with Compound and Polymer -Two Step Coat

This is your comprehensive full detail cleaning that uses a superior wax substitution called polymer. This coating, when properly maintained, will last on average an entire season, Polymer is applied to all surfaces such as metals, glass, nonskid, fiberglass, vinyl, etc. This has a liquid application, and lasts significantly longer than a buff wax because unlike a wax, polymer will bond with the surface of the vessel rather than sitting on top of it, creating a more durable protective coating. This applies anything like fish blood, bird droppings, salt, dirt, or tough leaf staining on all surfaces of the boat. This coating will not evaporate in temperatures over 95 degrees, unlike a wax coating. This includes all services mentioned in our #2 Service, with the difference being the coating applied.


FULL SERVICE DETAIL Wash with Compound and Consumer Ceramic -Two Step Coating

This is your comprehensive full detail cleaning that involves a wax and polymer substitution called a Ceramic. This ceramic is hand-applied in small sections to the entire boat. This will last significantly longer than the polymer coating (if maintained correctly) and will “bead up” rather than quickly “sheeting off”, which is a presentation of its excellent hydrophobic qualities. Once this ceramic is applied, things like dirt, salt, fish blood, and other contaminants which come into regular contact with the marine vessels, will sit on top of the ceramic coating rather than bonding with the original coating on the boat. All that is necessary for removal is a light wash, followed by a dry wipe. This Consumer-Grade Ceramic contains a 50-60% silica-based active ingredient called silsesquioxane, which is slightly less than the Pro-Grade Ceramic, and will deliver optimal protection to the original coating of the vessel, and can last on average 18-24 months when maintained correctly. This is a three-step ceramic application process when combined with the necessary full wash and cutting compound preparation, which removes all oxidation. This will form a deep bond with the coating on the hull, and any other surfaces, by drying off with a microfiber cloth. In addition to all the protection this ceramic offers, when applied to the outer hull, it will increase the speed and fuel efficiency of your watercraft. This is due to the hydrophobic nature of the ceramic, as the water is coming into contact with the ceramic coating rather than your vessel’s original coating. Like the polymer, this coating cannot be removed by any form of extreme natural heat.


FULL SERVICE DETAIL Wash with Compound and Pro-Grade Ceramic -Three Step Coating

This is your comprehensive full detail cleaning that is a step-up from the Consumer-Grade Ceramic, and is called a Professional-Grade Ceramic. This is a Pro-Nano Bond Ceramic, and contains 65-70% of the active silica-based ingredient called silsesquioxane. The higher concentration of Silsesquioxane creates a diamond-hard 9H finish which can protect the boat across multiple seasons, depending on location, use, and maintenance of the vessel. 9H refers to the hardness level of the ceramic, and is a permanent nano ceramic coating that features a high gloss finish that is unmatched in its super-hydrophobic qualities. These applications are only available to a Glidecoat Pro Certified™ detailing professional, and are not available for the general public to purchase. This entire application process varies from a few days to up to a week depending on the size of the vessel. The coating lasts on average 3-4 years, and comes with a guaranteed 18-month Glidecoat certified warranty for this service. This is a three-step process of ceramic application, which includes the preliminary wash, followed by the rotary buffer application (using cutting compound) to remove all oxidation. Rubbing alcohol is then applied to the surfaces after compounding to remove any old coatings or contaminants, which then leaves the surface prepped and ready for the Pro-Grade Ceramic application. There are two bottles used for the Pro Ceramic Coating process, Bottle A containing the Primer, which fills in any microscopic scratches, cracks, and crevices, which leaves the coating of the boat with a consistently flat, glossy mirror finish. Then there is Bottle B, which contains the Solvent, which is the thicker coating of the two bottles. This coating provides the durable and long-lasting protection of the Pro-Grade Ceramic. This contains all the qualities of the Consumer-Grade ceramic, but the key difference being that it is extremely durable, and has a significantly longer lasting lifespan compared to the Consumer-Grade. With the thicker coating, it has the ability to withstand harsh environments as long as the ceramic is properly maintained. Like the polymer, this coating cannot be removed by any form of extreme natural heat.

Most Popular!


MAD SOAPS SIGNATURE Wash with Compound and Pro-Grade Ceramic on all Surfaces
Three Step Coating

This is our Signature MAD Soaps Marine Service. This service includes everything listed in our Professional Grade Ceramic service, as well as all of the ceramics that Glidecoat has to offer that can be applied to your vessel. This includes the Vinyl, Trim, Glass, Exhaust, and Prop, and Microbial Ceramics! With proper maintenance washes, this Signature Service will keep your boat looking new for years to come. Some benefits of this service include increased speed and efficiency of your vessel, with the combined use of Glidecoat’s Pro-Grade, Prop, and Microbial Ceramics, they will provide the highest degree of efficiency and protection to your vessel’s hull and propeller. Once the Pro-Grade Ceramic is applied, we then will apply the Microbial Ceramic on top of this on the section of your hull that will be submerged, this further increases the hydrophobic qualities of the Pro-Grade Ceramic, as well as the added benefit of deterrence of any and all marine growth, leaving your vessel free of algae, barnacles, and any other marine life.


THE ULTIMATE MARINE PACKAGE  Pro Graphene Nano Coating + Polymer Coating
+ 1 Year Graphene Maintenance Program

(7 Year Coating) When it comes to the #1 Marine Coating in the World, The Ultimate Marine Package is at the top. Full Detail + Pro Graphene Coating on Metals, Glass, Vinyl, Trim, Exhaust, Prop, Fiberglass, Etc. Our team of Certified Professionals will be using a true marine Pro Grade Graphene Coating that is formulated specifically for gel coat and marine paints. This ultimate high gloss reflective coating will show everyone who's boss. Graphene is roughly four, five times harder and stronger than a diamond. It’s the strongest coating in existence. It’s 100 to 300 times stronger than steel. $375ft


Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions. 

Our staff is Glidecoat and Starke Certified for Polymer/Ceramic applications!